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Our ICS/SCADA pentest identify and fix real-world opportunities for hackers to infiltrate your ICS/centralized SCADA systems and networks to disrupt your production lines.

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What is ICS / SCADA Penetration Testing?

 ICS / SCADA penetration testing is a type of assessment designed to identify and fix vulnerabilities in industrial systems or devices that could be exploited by an attacker by simulating the same techniques used by hackers. These control systems represent the nervous system of today’s supply chain and their increasing complexity comes with a new set of cybersecurity risks. Our services allow you to determine how your industrial networks and devices could be hacked, providing actionable and tailored recommendations to secure your installations from cyberattacks.

Why Conduct a SCADA Pentest?

Conducting a penetration test of your SCADA provides invaluable insights into the potential cyber threats that may compromise your automated processes. Here is what you will get after conducting a project with our team:

A penetration test will evaluate the effectiveness of your current security measures, helping you understand whether they are adequate to protect your SCADA systems from potential threats and improving your ability to prevent attacks.

By simulating targeted attacks in a safe and controlled manner, our penetration testing services will ensure that your SCADA systems can withstand real-world threats and help develop additional measures to prevent potential disruptions to your automations, giving you confidence in their security. 

Our team of experts will analyze the potential outcome of a successful breach on your SCADA systems for each vulnerability and security risk that could be exploited by hackers in a real-world scenario, enabling you to prioritize remediation efforts and allocate resources efficiently.

Our team will identify all existing vulnerabilities and security risks within your SCADA systems, allowing you to systematically address these issues, strengthen your overall security posture and reduce your overall risk exposure.

By uncovering and addressing vulnerabilities, our penetration testing services will help you enhance the security of your critical infrastructure and automated processes, protecting your organization from potential disruptions incurring significant financial losses.

When Should You Perform a SCADA Penetration Test?

Organizations should regularly conduct SCADA penetration testing to ensure their systems remain secure. Factors to consider when determining the frequency and timing of these tests include:

Our ICS / SCADA Penetration Testing Services

In order to secure critical installations for manufacturing organizations, our experts have developed the most comprehensive penetration testing services for industrial control systems and smart grids.

Penetration Testing

Test your SCADA's security.

Penetration Testing

Test the security of your IT / OT.

Industrial Control System
Cybersecurity Assessment

Assess the security of your ICS systems.

Security Audit

Assess your firewall configurations.

017_03_Artboard 54

Network Segmentation
Security Audit

Assess your network segmentation.

Industrial Control System
Security Roadmap

Get a prioritized cybersecurity roadmap.

Common Cybersecurity Risks & Vulnerabilities Identified

Our methodology covers an extensive attack surface, identifying SCADA security risks that are unique to your environment, as well as the most prominent risks faced by organizations today:

A security risk where attackers can exploit inadequate access controls or weak authentication methods to gain unauthorized access to SCADA systems, potentially manipulating processes or stealing sensitive data.

Security flaws in SCADA protocols or applications can be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access, disrupt processes, or steal sensitive information.

Weak encryption methods or insecure communication channels can be exploited by attackers to intercept sensitive data, manipulate processes, or compromise the confidentiality and integrity of the SCADA system.

A risk where improper network configurations or insufficient network segregation allows attackers to infiltrate the SCADA system, compromising its security and potentially disrupting critical processes.

Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities to elevate their privileges, gaining administrator-level access to SCADA systems, allowing them to manipulate processes, exfiltrate data, or install malicious software.

Poorly configured systems, default settings or unpatched versions with vulnerabilities can leave SCADA systems vulnerable to unauthorized access, allowing attackers to exploit weaknesses and compromise the security of the system.

Securing ICS Against Digital Threats

Our specialists offer complete SCADA penetration testing solutions that can be performed on environments in production without impacting your normal operations. Our approach will enable your organization answer the following:

Are your SCADA systems accessible from the IT network?

Have you evaluated the security of your control network?

Can your network be hijacked and used by malicious actors?

Have you fixed common vulnerabilities present in SCADA systems?

Have you assessed the potential impact of lost production and damaged equipment if the control network is attacked?

Improve Your SCADA Security

Our SCADA penetration testing services are designed to target any SCADA components and connected devices, such as:
Scada Penetration Testing

Oil and

ICS / SCADA Penetration Testing

Manufacturing and processing

SCADA Device Security

Water treatement and distribution

Smart car penetration test


Smart building penetration testing


Energy generation ad distribution



Common Industrial Cybersecurity Risks

According to the CyberX Global ICS & IIoT Risk Report, the majority of industrial sites are faced with similar cybersecurity risks:


are connected to the public internet


of sites do not automatically update anti-virus signatures


have at least one remotely accessible device


have outdated operating systems (such as Windows XP)


have plain-text passwords traversing their ICS networks


are being actively exploited by hackers

Need to Conduct a Penetration Test of Your ICS/SCADA?


Vumetric, Leader in SCADA Penetration Testing

Our SCADA security testing expertise is recognized globally and has helped hundreds of organizations to secure their critical SCADA systems & networks:

Manual testing based on real-world attack methods

Detailed ICS / SCADA reporting - Technical and executive

Prioritized vulnerabilities with step-by-step corrective measures

In-production testing with limited impact

Evidence of identified risks

Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn’t find the information you were looking for? Ask an expert directly.

What is the purpose of conducting SCADA penetration testing?

The purpose of SCADA penetration testing is to identify vulnerabilities and security risks in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, which are critical for monitoring and controlling industrial processes and infrastructure. It ultimately provides remediation measures and improvements to mitigate any potential cyber threats.

How is it performed? What is the process?

The process involves customized testing methods, including reconnaissance, port scanning, identifying weak access controls, network equipment security controls testing, administrator privileges escalation testing, password strength testing, network segregation, exploitation research, brute force attacks, denial of service checks, and manual vulnerability/configuration weakness testing and verification.

What are the requirements to get started?

To get started, you need to provide information about your SCADA environment, network topology, and access to the systems for testing. Additionally, a clear scope and objectives for the test should be defined.

Can a SCADA pentest disrupt our normal operations?

Our SCADA penetration testing services are designed to test live systems without causing any interruptions to your usual operations. We take several precautions to make our tests unnoticeable, minimizing disruptions. Our team is experienced in working with live environments and will establish a point of contact for escalating critical findings or addressing potential impact on productivity, ensuring a smooth and secure testing process.

Do we need to provide any access or permissions for the test to be conducted?

Yes, you will need to grant access and permissions to the testing team, allowing them to perform the necessary tests and assessments on your SCADA systems remotely. Our experts will offer various solutions to remotely access your SCADA systems in an efficient and secure manner. All access and documentation requirements will be discussed with your team in a pre-launch call.

How does this test fit into our overall cybersecurity strategy?

SCADA penetration testing is a crucial part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy for any company relying on these automated systems for their daily operations. This test focuses on the specific risks and vulnerabilities of SCADA systems, which are often overlooked in traditional security assessments.


Professional Reporting With Clear & Actionable Results

Our penetration reports deliver more than a simple export from a security tool. Each vulnerability is exploited, measured and documented by an experienced specialist to ensure you fully understand its business impact.

Each element of the report provides concise and relevant information that contributes significantly towards improving your security posture and meeting compliance requirements:

Executive Summary

High level overview of your security posture, recommendations and risk management implications in a clear, non-technical language.
Suited for non-technical stakeholders.

Vulnerabilities & Recommendations

Vulnerabilities prioritized by risk level, including technical evidence (screenshots, requests, etc.) and recommendations to fix each vulnerability.
Suited for your technical team.


This document will allow you to meet compliance and regulatory reporting requirements efficiently and with minimal overhead.
Suited for third-parties (clients, auditors, etc).


Empowering Your Cybersecurity, Our Mission

Our ISO9001-certified cybersecurity services are trusted by more than 400 organizations each year, including SMBs, Fortune 1000 companies, and government agencies.

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Vumetric is a leading cybersecurity company dedicated to providing comprehensive penetration testing services. We pride ourselves on delivering consistent and high-quality services, backed by our ISO 9001 certified processes and industry standards. Our world-class cybersecurity assessment services have earned the trust of clients of all sizes, including Fortune 1000 companies, SMBs, and government organizations.

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