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Identify vulnerabilities in AWS, Azure, GCP cloud environments with complete configuration reviews and pentesting that simulates real-world cyber attackers.

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Secure Your Cloud-hosted Assets

Following a massive transition to digital operations, the wide adoption of cloud infrastructures has exposed organizations to an entirely new set of security risks that are often unknown. While cloud providers offer secure tools to build your environment, each user is responsible in securing their cloud-hosted assets and controlling their access. The wide flexibility in configuring these platforms leaves various opportunites open for hackers to infiltrate your infrastructure.  Our cloud security assessments allow your organization to validate that these configurations are well secured and that user privileges cannot be altered to access sensitive cloud-hosted assets, no matter the cloud provider.

Amazon AWS
Penetration Testing

Whether it’s an infrastructure as a service (IaaS), a platform as a service (PaaS) or software as a service (SaaS), our specialists have contributed to secure AWS infrastructures of all kinds. Our cloud penetration testing methodology covers the most important security risks unique to the AWS platform.

Architecture, EC2, VPC, S3 Buckets, IAM, Lambda, Cloudfront, DynamoDB, etc.
AWS penetration testing
Cloud Penetesting

Microsoft Azure
Penetration Testing

While Microsoft provides a number of security measures out of the box, it is each user’s responsibility to maintain the stability and security of their environment. Our cloud security assessment services allow you to validate that your configurations are secure and determine exactly how your Azure infrastructure may be compromised by hackers.

Azure Architecture, VMs, ExpressRoute, App Gateway,  Azure Functions, etc.

Google Cloud / GCP
Penetration Testing

Google’s infrastructure shares similarities with other providers when it comes to potential vulnerabilities and cloud misconfigurations. Our cloud penetration testing services identify vulnerabilities specific to the components found in GCP, while also identifying risks that are unique to your own environment.

Architecture, Google Compute Engine, App Engine, Functions, Cloud SQL, etc.

GCP Penetration Testing
cloud security review

Microsoft Office 365
Security Audit

Our Office 365 security audit services provide organizations with an accurate picture of their environment’s security risks that could allow an attacker, for instance, to move laterally within their infrastructure and gain access to critical assets, exfiltrate sensitive data or intercept confidential communications.

Advanced Threat Protection, Data Protection, Message Encryption, etc.
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“ Cloud-based cyberattacks increased by 630% during the pandemic ”

-McAfee Security

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