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Our IoT penetration testing methodology identifies vulnerabilities within any type of smart device used by organizations today, regardless of the technology stack it was developped with.

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What is IoT Penetration Testing?

IoT penetration testing such as IoT security testing is a type of assessment designed to identify and fix vulnerabilities that could be exploited in IoT devices by replicating the same techniques used by hackers to breach your smart devices. Given their rapid adoption across all industries, many companies are facing new critical vulnerabilities tied to the specific uses of these devices that are mostly unknown.

Why Conduct a Penetration Test of Your Smart IoT Devices?

By conducting IoT penetration testing, organizations can gain valuable insights into the security posture of their smart devices, whether they are commercial, consumer or industrial products, ensuring the safety and privacy of your end users. Here is what you will get after conducting a project with our team:

A penetration test will evaluate the effectiveness of your current security measures, helping you understand whether they are adequate to protect your medical devices from potential threats and improving your ability to prevent attacks.

By simulating targeted attacks in a safe and controlled manner, our penetration testing services will ensure that your smart devices can withstand real-world threats and help develop additional measures to prevent potential breaches, giving you confidence that your users are safe. 

Our team of experts will analyze the potential outcome of a successful breach on your IoT devices for each vulnerability and security risk that could be exploited by hackers in a real-world scenario, enabling you to prioritize remediation efforts and allocate resources efficiently.

Our team will identify all existing vulnerabilities and security risks within your smart devices and their underlying infrastructure, allowing you to systematically address these issues, strengthen your overall security posture and reduce your overall risk exposure.

By uncovering and addressing vulnerabilities, our penetration testing services will help you enhance the security of your IoT products, protecting them from potential breaches that may leak sensitive data or lead to device takeovers.

When Should You Perform an IoT Device Penetration Test?

IoT penetration testing should be conducted regularly to identify and address vulnerabilities new vulnerabilities and stay up to date on the latest hacking techniques.

Our IoT Penetration Testing Services

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the security risks associated with the use and configuration of IoT devices in a variety of contexts that are specific to each type of device. Our IoT penetration tests include IoT mobile applications, cloud APIs, and communication protocols, as well as integrated systems, and embedded firmware.

Integrated Systems Penetration Testing

Test the security of your integrated systems.

IoT Mobile App
Applications Testing

Test your IoT mobile application's security.

Cloud-Hosted APIs
Penetration Testing

Test the security of your cloud-hosted APIs.

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Communication Systems Testing

Test the security of your communication systems.

Common Cybersecurity Risks & Vulnerabilities Identified

Our methodology covers an extensive attack surface, identifying vulnerabilities that are unique to your devices, as well as the most prominent IoT security risks:

A security risk where misconfigured network services or insecure protocols expose the IoT devices to potential attacks, allowing unauthorized access, data interception, or disruption of services.

A vulnerability where the use of deprecated, insecure, or outdated hardware or software components within the IoT device exposes it to known vulnerabilities and exploits, increasing the risk of cyber attacks.

A security risk where inadequate privacy measures, such as weak data encryption or improper data handling, expose sensitive user information to unauthorized access, potentially leading to data breaches or privacy violations.

A vulnerability where data transmitted between IoT devices, networks, or cloud services is not adequately protected or encrypted, allowing attackers to intercept, manipulate, or steal sensitive information.

A vulnerability where poorly implemented interfaces across the IoT ecosystem, such as web applications, APIs, cloud services, or mobile apps, can be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access or compromise the integrity and confidentiality of data.

A security risk where IoT devices lack proper update mechanisms, leaving them vulnerable to outdated software, unpatched security flaws, or malicious firmware updates introduced by attackers. 


OWASP's Internet of Things

Our IoT security testing services integrate the OWASP standard’s Top 10 vulnerabilities to identify security flaws unique to each smart device. Our tests are focused on communication and network services, data handling, and security configurations to maximize the identified IoT security risks.

Need Help To Assess And Improve Your Cybersecurity?

Improve Your IoT Device's Security

Vumetric is one of the providers with the most extensive experience in testing the security of IoT devices of all kinds:

Healthcare and
medical devices

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Smart security systems (locks, cameras, etc.)

iot security testing

Industrial / SCADA
IoT Devices

iot security assessment

Electric car
charging station

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the purpose of conducting a penetration test of your IoT device?

IoT penetration testing aims to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities in IoT devices and systems, preventing cyber attacks and ensuring the protection of sensitive data.

How is it performed? What is the process?

The process involves assessing the IoT device’s hardware, firmware, network, wireless communications, mobile and web application interfaces, and cloud APIs. Skilled professionals perform manual testing and analysis to identify known and unknown vulnerabilities.

What are the requirements to get started?

To begin, you’ll need to provide access to your IoT devices, networks, and any relevant documentation. Our team will discuss your specific requirements and tailor the testing process to your organization’s needs.

Do we need to provide any access or permissions for the test to be conducted?

Yes, you’ll need to grant our team appropriate access and permissions to your IoT devices, networks, and systems to ensure a thorough and accurate assessment. In most cases, it is not required for you to physically ship the device for us to conduct the test, but in the event that only physical testing can be performed for your specific type of device, all requirements and details will be discussed with your team in a pre-launch team.

Can you test custom IoT devices and proprietary protocols?

Yes, our skilled professionals have experience testing a wide range of IoT devices and systems, including those with custom protocols and proprietary technologies.

How does this assessment fit into our overall cybersecurity strategy?

IoT penetration testing is an essential part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, more particularly for mission-critical devices and products. It helps identify and remediate vulnerabilities in IoT devices, reducing the risk of cyber attacks and providing a safe and private environment for your users to share sensitive data.

How long does it take?

The duration of the test depends on the complexity of the smart device and the scope of the assessment. Typically, it may take anywhere from a few days to 3 weeks to complete.


Professional Reporting With Clear & Actionable Results

Our penetration reports deliver more than a simple export from a security tool. Each vulnerability is exploited, measured and documented by an experienced specialist to ensure you fully understand its business impact.

Each element of the report provides concise and relevant information that contributes significantly towards improving your security posture and meeting compliance requirements:

Executive Summary

High level overview of your security posture, recommendations and risk management implications in a clear, non-technical language.
Suited for non-technical stakeholders.

Vulnerabilities & Recommendations

Vulnerabilities prioritized by risk level, including technical evidence (screenshots, requests, etc.) and recommendations to fix each vulnerability.
Suited for your technical team.


This document will allow you to meet compliance and regulatory reporting requirements efficiently and with minimal overhead.
Suited for third-parties (clients, auditors, etc).


Empowering Your Cybersecurity, Our Mission

Our ISO9001-certified cybersecurity services are trusted by more than 400 organizations each year, including SMBs, Fortune 1000 companies, and government agencies.

CERT Accredited Cybersecurity Company

Your Trusted Cybersecurity Partner

Vumetric is a leading cybersecurity company dedicated to providing comprehensive penetration testing services. We pride ourselves on delivering consistent and high-quality services, backed by our ISO 9001 certified processes and industry standards. Our world-class cybersecurity assessment services have earned the trust of clients of all sizes, including Fortune 1000 companies, SMBs, and government organizations.

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Certified Hackers

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