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nist penetration testing framework
Application Security

What Is the NIST Penetration Testing Framework?

When an organization’s system is under attack, it must quickly identify which component is vulnerable to repairing the source. This process not …

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encryption hashing encoding
Security Tools

Encryption, Hashing, Encoding Explained

You may have heard of several types of cryptography before: encryption, hashing, and encoding. It can be unclear to know the difference …

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cryptographic failures
Application Security

OWASP Top 10 – A02 Cryptographic Failures

Cryptography is the art of securing information by converting it into unreadable code that only those with special knowledge can decipher. Modern …

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man in the middle attack

What Is a Man-in-the-Middle Attack?

Malicious attackers can sometimes be in the middle of your internet browsing plans. To ensure that they don’t get there first, make …

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zero day exploit
Penetration Testing

Zero-Day Exploit Explained

Do you know what a zero-day exploit is? What about an attack or vulnerability? Unless you work in the technology industry, you’re likely not familiar with all the jargon.

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penetration testing as a service
Penetration Testing

What Is Penetration-Testing-As-A-Service (PTaaS)

Penetration Testing as a service (PTaaS) is a process that identifies the vulnerabilities of an IT system or network. The main aim of PT is to identify and exploit these security flaws to make the system more secure. Penetration testing can be done in-house by trained personnel or outsourced to a specialist security company.

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get started as a pentester
Penetration Testing

How To Get Started As A Pentester: Career Path Guide

The penetration tester is essential in any company because they simulate cyberattacks on the system and networks. These official Penetration tests help pinpoint vulnerabilities before hackers have a chance to take advantage of them, which ultimately keeps your data safe from falling prey.

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api penetration testing
Penetration Testing

How API Penetration Testing Differs From Web Application Testing

API penetration testing and web application testing are two very different types of comprehensive security testing.

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