Palo Alto firewalls: Public exploits, rising attacks, ineffective mitigation

While it initially seemed that protecting Palo Alto Network firewalls from attacks leveraging CVE-2024-3400 would be possible by disabling the devices’ telemetry, it has now been comfirmed that this mitigation is ineffectual.

“Device telemetry does not need to be enabled for PAN-OS firewalls to be exposed to attacks related to this vulnerability,” Palo Alto Networks noted on Tuesday, and said they are aware of an “Increasing number of attacks that leverage the exploitation of this vulnerability.”

Last Friday, Palo Alto Networks warned about CVE-2024-3400 – a critical zero-day command injection vulnerability in its firewalls running PAN-OS v10.2, 11.0, and 11.1 with the configurations for both GlobalProtect gateway and device telemetry enabled – being exploited by well-resourced threat actors to install a backdoor and use the obtained access to move laterally in target organizations’ networks.

Hotfixes started getting released on Sunday, but Palo Alto Networks confirmed on Tuesday that the latter mitigation is no longer effective.

Palo Alto Network customers running vulnerable firewalls should implement hotfixes as soon as possible and check for indicators of compromise.

“If you discover that your Palo Alto Network GlobalProtect firewall device is compromised, it is important to take immediate action. Make sure to not wipe or rebuild the appliance. Collecting logs, generating a tech support file, and preserving forensics artifacts from the device are crucial,” Volexity researchers have advised.

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