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Adversary Simulation Services

Simulate the tactics of real-world hackers to understand your readiness posture, identify weaknesses, and test your incident responders and their playbooks.

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Simulate Adversary Techniques Used by
Real Hackers to Fix Your Vulnerabilities

Adversary simulations replicate specific hacking scenarios to measure the real-world effectiveness of an organization’s IT systems and employees to detect and respond to generalized cyberattacks. This type of assessment provides a much deeper and accurate perspective of the cybersecurity risks in an organization that can lead to incidents. Our simulations are tailored to each organization’s business objectives and are used to measure its resilience to specific threats, such as those used commonly in ransomware attacks.

Red Team Exercise

Cyberattack simulation that replicates a motivated attacker attempting to breach your organization by any means necessary and measure your resilience to various types of cyberattacks.
Cyberattack statistics
Red Teaming Assessment

Purple Team Exercise

Measure the effectiveness of your employees and systems in responding to a real hacking scenario. Our threat analysis services will highlight real opportunities for attackers to breach your defenses, by identifying each flaw that would have lead to an incident.

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