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An Internal Penetration Test evaluates your organization’s internal networks and systems for security vulnerabilities. By simulating real-world cyberattacks from an insider’s perspective, it offers insights into potential threats such as ransomwares.

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What is Internal Penetration Testing?

Unlike external penetration tests, internal pen testing offers an insider’s perspective. It focuses on what could happen if someone with internal access, such as employees or contractors, tries to exploit vulnerabilities within your organization.

Leveraging tailored strategies, our seasoned cybersecurity experts simulate insider cyber-attacks to identify vulnerabilities in your internal networks, and mission critical systems. This isn’t a checkbox exercise; it’s a rigorous, custom analysis designed to root out vulnerabilities that generic testing might overlook. The goal is to provide a thorough security analysis that uncovers potential internal risk. This enables us to deliver actionable mitigation strategies that will security your internal IT environment against costly cyberattacks such as ransomwarets.


Why Should You Perform an Internal Penetration Test?

  • Ransomware Resilience
    Internal systems are prime hunting grounds for ransomware attacks, which can paralyze business operations and compromise critical data.
  • Insider Threat Landscape
    Standard security controls often neglect the risks originating from inside the organization, leaving vulnerabilities in internal defenses.
  • Growing Internal Complexity
    The growing interconnectedness of devices and systems compounds the complexity of managing internal vulnerabilities, making a thorough assessment ever more crucial.
  • Compliance Challenges
    Stringent industry regulations increasingly require internal assessments to safeguard data integrity and ensure compliance.
  • Security Solutions Shortcomings
    While conventional security tools may catch routine threats, they are often ill-equipped to defend against sophisticated internal cyberattacks.
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Secure Your Internal Network

How Will Internal Pen testing Help Secure my Internal Network?

  • Protect against ransomware attacks
    Safeguard your data and mission-critical systems against costly ransomware cyberattacks.
  • Understand your internal network vulnerabilities
    Perform comprehensive internal pen tests to thoroughly assess the security of your networks and assets.
  • Simulate insider threat scenarios
    Emulate potential insider threats and vulnerabilities to determine the robustness of your internal network security controls.
  • Benchmark with top security standards
    Align your internal security practices with recognized industry standards.
  • Stay updated with the latest security measures
    Incorporate the latest security strategies to protect against both internal and external threats.
Internal Pentest highlights

What Will be Assessed During an Internal Penetration Test?

Our assessment encompasses various components of your organization’s internal IT systems:

  • File Servers & Domain Controllers
    Evaluating access controls, permissions, and configurations.
  • Active Directory
    Analysis of user management, password policies, and more.
  • Network Devices
    Evaluating router, switch, and other device configurations.
  • Authentication
    Testing across both legacy and contemporary authentication protocols.
  • Data Security
    Analyzing permissions, access controls, and encryption standards.
  • And more
    Network segmentation, legacy systems, patch management strategies, endpoints, etc.
Penetration Testing Report

What are the Benefits of Conducting an
Internal Infrastructure Penetration Test?

Internal pen tests are a critical cornerstone in fortifying your organization’s cybersecurity defenses from within.

Mitigated Insider Threats

Lower chances of data breaches and unauthorized insider access by identifying and patching weaknesses.

 Regulatory Compliance

Easily meet and maintain security standards, including compliance like SOC 2, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001.

Focused Resource Distribution

Use insights from the pentest to allocate resources strategically, focusing on your network's vulnerable areas.

 Enhanced Security for
Critical Assets

Implement controls to protect crucial internal assets like data centers and proprietary software.

Access Control

Optimize user permissions and access controls to minimize unauthorized or unintended access to resources.

Security Awareness

Gain a detailed understanding of your internal security landscape and keep stakeholders informed.


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Our Internal Penetration Testing Process

New to penetration testing or curious about Vumetric’s unique approach? Our streamlined framework applies to all our services—be it internal pen test or other specialized penetration tests. We’ve broken it down into these crucial steps for clarity and transparency:

Project Scoping

Duration: ~ 1-2 days

Activities: We learn about your specific needs and objectives.

Outcome: Business proposal, signed contract.

Kick-off / Planning

Duration: ~ 1 hour

Activities: We review the scope of work, discuss requirements and planning.

Outcome: Scope validation, test planning.

Penetration Testing

Duration: ~ 2-3 weeks

Activities: We execute the test in accordance with the project scope.

Outcome: Detailed penetration test report, presentation.

Remediation Testing

Duration: Up to 1 month

Activities: We test and validate vulnerability fixes.

Outcome: Remediation report, attestation.

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Internal Penetration Testing FAQ

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Industry best practices recommend conducting internal pen tests at least annually to stay ahead of emerging cybersecurity threats. Additional internal testing is especially important in certain situations, such as before deploying new internal systems, after significant changes to the network, before compliance audits, after security incidents, and before significant business events such as mergers and acquisitions. This ensures that your internal network remains resilient to evolving cyber threats.

Our internal penetration testing helps a wide range of organizations meet their compliance goals each year by identifying critical vulnerabilities that require immediate remediation and efficiently meeting compliance standards such as SOC2, ISO27001, PCI-DSS.

The cost of an internal pen test varies greatly depending on the scope of the assessment.One of the key factors affecting the cost is the number of internal systems and endpoints that need to be evaluated.

Learn more about the main factors that determine the cost of a penetration test →

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Our certified penetration testers use globally recognized frameworks, such as the MITRE ATT&CK and OSSTMM testing methodologies, to provide an accurate snapshot of your current external cybersecurity risks that could escalate into an incident.Using a blend of manual and automated techniques, we not only identify vulnerabilities, we contextualize them.This helps our clients effectively allocate their IT and network security resources to protect sensitive data.

Internal pentesting is conducted from within the organization’s network by a tester who has access to the internal network. External pentesting is conducted from outside the organization’s network and simulates an attack on public-facing systems. The primary difference is the point of origin of the test, with internal testing being more focused on internal network security measures while external testing focuses on identifying vulnerabilities in systems that are accessible from the internet.

Why Choose Vumetric For Internal Penetration Testing?

Vumetric is an ISO9001-certified boutique provider entirely dedicated to penetration testing, with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Our methodologies are proven and our understanding of cybersecurity risks is extensive, allowing us to provide clear advice to our clients that is pragmatic, adapted to their needs and efficient in securing against the latest security threats.
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Our testing methodologies are based on industry best practices and standards.


Our team of certified experts conducts more than 400 pentest projects annually.

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Discover how our pentest services helped organizations improve security of their internal assets.

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