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Ransomware Readiness Audit Services

Our ransomware readiness audit ensure your organization’s readiness to encrypting malware attacks by identifying and fixing real opportunities for ransomware to infiltrate your IT systems and spread across your organization.

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What is a Ransomware Readiness Audit?

A ransomware readiness audit is an assessment designed to identify any opportunities for encrypting malware to infect an organization’s technologies and demand a ransom. Our ransomware testing services provide a real-world perspective of cyber risks that would enable ransomware to successfully encrypt your systems and lead to an incident.

Also, ransomware readiness testing is a process of simulating a ransomware attack on an organization in order to assess its ability to defend against and recover from such an attack. This type of testing can help organizations identify weaknesses in their security posture and make improvements to reduce the risk of a successful ransomware attack.

Why Ransomware Readiness Testing is important?

1. A ransomware readiness test can help you identify which systems and data are most at risk from a ransomware attack.

2. The audit can also help you assess your current security posture and identify any gaps that could be exploited by attackers.

3. The audit can provide recommendations on how to improve your ransomware readiness, such as by implementing better backup and recovery procedures.

4. Finally, Ransomware readiness testing can provide numerous benefits to your organization, including improved security posture, reduced risk of a successful ransomware attack, and improved recovery capabilities. Additionally, this type of testing can also help organizations meet compliance requirements, such as those related to data security and incident response.

Our Ransomware Audit Services

Our experts will analyze 12 key controls of our ransomware readiness audit in your organization that would allow ransomware to successfully spread:

ransomware audit

Firewall & Network

ransomware readiness

User Activity Logging &
Audit Configurations

Employee Awareness
& Training

ransomware readiness audit

User Privileges &
Access Control

ransomware readiness audit

Network & Endpoint

ransomware readiness audit

Vulnerability & Patch


Email &
Web Security


mainframe penetration

Backup &

Response Plan

Vendor Management


Protect Your Organization Against Ransomware Attacks

While preventing ransomware entirely is impossible, various measures can be implemented to mitigate the most important risks. Being proactive remains the best defense against ransomware. That is why you need a ransomware test to

Provide the least user privileges possible

Remove inactive email addresses

Enforce strong password policies and multi-factor authentication

Perform frequent backups of any IT systems and segment backups

Whitelist only secure applications used by the organization

Better map your network configurations

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“ With the emergence of ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS), ransomware attacks increased by 151% in 2021 ”

Need Help To Assess And Improve Your Cybersecurity?

Clear reports that help you fix your vulnerabilities & achieve compliance.

Our reports are designed to help your stakeholders fully understand your risks and provide step-by-step remediations to easily fix your vulnerabilities.

Executive Summary

High level overview of your security posture, recommendations and risk management implications in a clear non-technical language.
Suited for non-technical stakeholders.

Vulnerabilities & Recommendations

Vulnerabilities prioritized by risk level, including technical evidence (screenshots, requests, etc.) and recommendations to fix each vulnerability.
Suited for your technical team.


This document will allow you to meet compliance and regulatory reporting requirements efficiently and with minimal overhead.
Suited for third-parties (clients, auditors, etc).

Vumetric, Leader in Ransomware Readiness Audit

Vumetric is an ISO9001-certified company offering penetration testing, IT security audits and specialized cybersecurity services. We bring proven best practices to every project and have delivered our services across five continents. Our clients include S&P 500 companies, SMEs and government agencies.

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Certified experts

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Independence & impartiality

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Frequently Asked Questions

Penetration testing is essential to any business, but it remains a complex subject and choosing the right provider can be challenging. The following FAQ answers the most frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision. Couldn’t find your answer? Ask an expert for free.

The cost of a penetration test varies significantly according to a number of factors. The most determining factor is the size (such as the number of the IP addresses being targeted) and the complexity of the testing scope (the number of features in an application, for instance).

Contact sales to get a quote or read our blog post to learn more.

Average projects take between 2-3 weeks from start to finish.

We are flexible and usually can adapt to your deadlines.
Contact us to discuss planning and schedule.

Yes. At the end of the project, we offer a free retest of the identified vulnerabilities to validate your corrective measures.

Once this is done, we provide an attestation letter that allows your organization to easily comply with various third-party requirements (SOC 2, PCI-DSS, ISO27001, GDPR, etc.)

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