WordPress fixes POP chain exposing websites to RCE attacks

WordPress is a highly popular open-source content management system used for creating and managing websites.

The project’s security team discovered a Property Oriented Programming chain vulnerability that was introduced in WordPress core 6.4, which under certain conditions could allow arbitrary PHP code execution.

A PSA by WordPress security experts at Wordfence provides some additional technical details on the problem, explaining that the issue is in the ‘WP HTML Token’ class, introduced in WordPress 6.4 to improve HTML parsing in the block editor.

Although the flaw isn’t critical on its own, due to the need for object injection on installed and active plugins or themes, the presence of an exploitable POP chain in WordPress core significantly increases the overall risk for WordPress sites.

Another notification from Patchstack security platform for WordPress and plugins highlights that an exploit chain for this issue was uploaded several weeks ago on GitHub and later added to the PHPGGC library, which is used in PHP application security testing.

WP Fastest Cache plugin bug exposes 600K WordPress sites to attacks.

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