Sumo Logic discloses security breach, advises API key resets

Security and data analytics company Sumo Logic disclosed a security breach after discovering that its AWS account was compromised last week.

The company detected evidence of the breach on Friday, November 3, after discovering that an attacker used stolen credentials to gain access to a Sumo Logic AWS account.

Sumo Logic says its systems and networks weren’t impacted during the breach and that “Customer data has been and remains encrypted.”

In light of these developments, Sumo Logic advised customers to rotate credentials used to access its services or any credentials shared with Sumo Logic for accessing other systems.

“We will directly notify customers if evidence of malicious access to their Sumo Logic accounts is found. Customers may find updates at our Security Response Center.”

Sumo Logic operates a cloud-native SaaS analytics platform providing customers with log analytics, infrastructure monitoring, cloud infrastructure security services, and more.

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