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Shields Health Care Group data breach affects 2 million patients

Shields Health Care Group suffered a data breach that exposed the data of approximately 2,000,000 people in the United States after hackers breached their network and stole data.

Shields is a Massachusetts-based medical services provider specializing in MRI and PET/CT diagnostic imaging, radiation oncology, and ambulatory surgical services.

According to a data breach notification published on the company’s site, Shield became aware of the cyberattack on March 28, 2022, and hired cybersecurity specialists to determine the scope of the incident.

While the notice doesn’t determine how many patients were affected by the incident, Bleeping Computer learned that two million people were affected from the Office for Civil Rights portal of the U.S. Department of Health.

Due to Shields’ business type relying upon partnerships with hospitals and medical centers, the consequences of the security incident are far-reaching and impact 56 facilities and their patients.

The complete list of impacted medical facilities is included in the data security incident notice published on the service provider’s website.

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