Rhysida ransomware leaks documents stolen from Chilean Army

Threat actors behind a recently surfaced ransomware operation known as Rhysida have leaked online what they claim to be documents stolen from the network of the Chilean Army.

The leak comes after the Chilean Army confirmed on May 29 that its systems were impacted in a security incident detected over the weekend on May 27, according to a statement shared by Chilean cybersecurity firm CronUp.

Days after the attack was disclosed, local media reported that an Army corporal was arrested and charged for his involvement in the ransomware attack.

The Rhysida ransomware gang has now published 30% of all the data they claim to have stolen from the Chilean Army’s network after initially adding it to their data leak site and claiming the attack.

“Rhysida ransomware published around 360,000 Chilean Army documents,” CronUp security researcher Germán Fernández said.

The Rhysida ransomware gang describes itself as a “Cybersecurity team” that aims to help victims secure their networks, and it was first spotted by MalwareHunterTeam on May 17, 2023.

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