Pwn2Own Automotive: $1.3M for 49 zero-days, Tesla hacked twice

The first edition of Pwn2Own Automotive has ended with competitors earning $1,323,750 for hacking Tesla twice and demoing 49 zero-day bugs in multiple electric car systems between January 24 and January 26.

After a zero-day vulnerability is exploited and reported to vendors during Pwn2Own, they have 90 days to release security patches before Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative discloses it publicly.

Synacktiv hacked the Tesla car twice, getting root permissions on a Tesla Modem by chaining three vulnerabilities on the first day and demoing a Tesla Infotainment System sandbox escape via a two zero-day exploit chain on the second day.

In October, at Pwn2Own Toronto 2023, hackers won over $1 million for 58 zero-day exploits and multiple bug collisions targeting consumer products, including the Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone, multiple printer models, surveillance systems, and network-attached storage devices.

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