Password Reset Hack Exposed in Honda’s E-Commerce Platform, Dealers Data at Risk

Security vulnerabilities discovered in Honda’s e-commerce platform could have been exploited to gain unrestricted access to sensitive dealer information.

“Broken/missing access controls made it possible to access all data on the platform, even when logged in as a test account,” security researcher Eaton Zveare said in a report published last week.

The hack, in a nutshell, exploits a password reset mechanism on one of Honda’s sites, Power Equipment Tech Express, to reset the password associated with any account and obtain full admin-level access.

To make matters worse, the design flaw could have been used to access a dealer’s customers, edit their website and products, and worse, elevate privileges to the administrator of the entire platform – a feature restricted to Honda employees – by means of a specially crafted request to view details of the dealer network.

In all, the weaknesses allowed for illegitimate access to 21,393 customer orders across all dealers from August 2016 to March 2023 1,570 dealer websites, 3,588 dealer accounts, 1,090 dealer emails, and 11,034 customer emails.

The disclosure comes months after Zveare detailed security issues in Toyota’s Global Supplier Preparation Information Management System and C360 CRM that could have been leveraged to access a wealth of corporate and customer data.

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