Google paid $10 million in bug bounty rewards last year

Google awarded $10 million to 632 researchers from 68 countries in 2023 for finding and responsibly reporting security flaws in the company’s products and services.

Though this is lower than the $12 million Google’s Vulnerability Reward Program paid to researchers in 2022, the amount is still significant, showcasing a high level of community participation in Google’s security efforts.

Google’s other big software project, the Chrome browser, was the subject of 359 security bug reports that paid out a total of $2.1 million.

Due to these flaws being deemed ‘highly mitigated’ after the introduction of MiraclePtr, Google introduced a separate class of rewards for bypassing the protection mechanism itself.

Those who wish to get involved in Google’s bug bounty program can learn more about it through its Bug Hunters community.

New Google Chrome feature blocks attacks against home networks.

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