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GitLab security update fixes critical account take over flaw

GitLab has released a critical security update for multiple versions of its Community and Enterprise Edition products to address eight vulnerabilities, one of which allows account takeover.

Getting control over a GitLab account comes with severe consequences as hackers could gain access to developers’ projects and steal source code.

Tracked as CVE-2022-1680 and rated with a critical severity score of of 9.9, the vulnerability affects all GitLab versions 11.10 through 14.9.4, 14.10 through 14.10.3, and version 15.0.

“When group SAML SSO is configured, the SCIM feature may allow any owner of a Premium group to invite arbitrary users through their username and email, then change those users’ email addresses via SCIM to an attacker-controlled email address and thus – in the absence of 2FA – take over those accounts. It is also possible for the attacker to change the display name and username of the targeted account.” – GitLab.

All GitLab users should move to the latest available versions as soon as possible.

The security updates contain fixes for two more high-severity flaws.

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