AnyDesk has been hacked, users urged to change passwords

AnyDesk Software GmbH, the German company behind the widely used remote desktop application of the same name, has confirmed they’ve been hacked and their production systems have been compromised.

The statement was published on Friday evening and lacks technical details about the breach.

A few hours before AnyDesk’s revelation, security researcher Kevin Beaumont pointed to the possibility of AnyDesk having been hacked.

“They just had a several day authentication outage they describe as ‘planned maintenance’ and have now reemerged with a new client,” he noted: AnyDesk version 8.0.8, released on January 29, 2024, which has been signed with a new code signing certificate.

Even though AnyDesk obviously operates under the assumption that all security-related certificates and passwords have been stolen, the company claims that “The situation is under control and it is safe to use AnyDesk” and that they have no evidence that any end-user devices have been affected.

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