23andMe hit with lawsuits after hacker leaks stolen genetics data

Genetic testing provider 23andMe faces multiple class action lawsuits in the U.S. following a large-scale data breach that is believed to have impacted millions of its customers.

Late last month, a threat actor leaked 23andMe customer data in a CSV file named ‘Ashkenazi DNA Data of Celebrities.

The data in the CSV file contained information on 23andMe users’ account IDs, full names, sex, date of birth, DNA profiles, location, and region details.

Last week, the original hacker decided to retract the post and instead began selling data profiles of stolen 23andMe data.

A 23andMe spokesperson explained that the attackers initially gained unauthorized access to a small number of accounts but eventually exfiltrated the data of a larger yet undefined number of clients due to them activating an optional feature named ‘DNA Relatives,’ which connects genetic relatives.

Genetics firm 23andMe says user data stolen in credential stuffing attack.

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