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CDAP grant: Cybersecurity Guidance by CDAP Digital Advisor

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Gain a competitive edge by applying for the $15,000 CDAP – Boost Your Business Technology grant, using Vumetric’s expertise. Additionally, let Vumetric’s guidance as a CDAP-approved digital advisor strategically enhance your business’s cybersecurity and digital infrastructure.


What is CDAP- “Boost Your Business Technology” grant? 

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), Boost Your Business Technology grant, represents a Canadian government initiative that aims to help small and medium-sized businesses improve their digital skills and cybersecurity. Consequently, this program holds special importance today, with digital technology and data safety being key to business success. The main goals of CDAP include: 

  • Facilitating New Technology Integration: CDAP assists Canadian businesses (SMEs) in staying competitive through the adoption of new digital technologies. Accordingly, this facilitates more efficient operations, better customer engagement, and an increased online presence.
  • Focusing on Cybersecurity enhancement: With more online threats nowadays, CDAP puts a lot of focus on helping businesses strengthen their defenses against online risks and attacks. 
  • Supporting Overall Digital Upgrades: The program helps businesses with a wide range of digital upgrades, from updating their essential IT infrastructure to adopting cutting-edge digital solutions. 

How The CDAP Process Works 

  1. Confirm Your Eligibility: Firstly, use the self-assessment tool to determine if you are qualified. 
  2. Register to CDAP : Next, visit the ISED website to start your application. 
  3. Start a Project With CDAP digital advisor:  Once you are eligible, contact our team to get your project started. 
  4. Get Funding : Finally, upload your invoice on the ISED website to claim funding 


Funding & Coverage 

  • Extensive Cost Coverage: CDAP aims to significantly lessen the financial burden on businesses by covering up to 90% of expenses for digital adoption projects. Importantly, the grant only supports professional services and does not extend to purchasing new security tools or equipment. Therefore, this substantial level of support simplifies the process for businesses to undertake digital upgrades, which might otherwise be financially daunting.
  • Cap on Grant Amount: Although the program covers a large portion of the costs, it caps the total grant amount at 15,000 CAD. This ceiling ensures a fair distribution of funds, thereby allowing a greater number of businesses to benefit from the program. 

Why do you need to work with a CDAP digital advisor, like Vumetric?  

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) mandates that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) develop a digital adoption plan with help from a registered CDAP digital advisor. This requirement exists as a digital adoption plan is essential to outline a company’s strategy and roadmap for adopting new technology.

What will Vumetric, CDAP-approved digital advisor, do to help your business? 

  • Expert Consultation: As a CDAP-approved digital advisor, Vumetric offers professional consulting to help businesses pinpoint their cybersecurity needs. Specifically, we focus on identifying areas that need improvement and creating a strategic plan for digital adoption, ensuring that businesses can effectively navigate the digital landscape. 
  • Tailoring Digital Strategies: Vumetric provides customized cybersecurity solutions that cater to the unique needs and goals of each business. Accordingly, this approach guarantees that digital transformations are not only effective but also align with the specific standards of the industry in which the business operates. 
  • Optimizing CDAP Funding: Given the substantial funding from CDAP, it’s crucial for businesses to make wise investments. Therefore, Vumetric plays a key role in guiding these investments, helping to ensure that funds are used in a way that maximizes efficiency, productivity, and overall business competitiveness. 
  • Overcoming Digital Challenges: The path to digital adoption comes with its set of challenges and risks, such as choosing the right technologies and ensuring robust cybersecurity. Vumetric aids businesses in overcoming these challenges with our cybersecurity services, thereby minimizing the risk of costly errors. 
  • Ensuring Compliance and Best Practices: Vumetric also ensures that digital upgrades adhere to industry best practices and compliance standards. As such, this is vital for maintaining data security, customer trust, and meeting regulatory requirements. 
  • Support in Implementation: Beyond the planning phase, Vumetric assists in the actual implementation of digital technologies. Subsequently, our support extends to providing ongoing assistance to ensure the sustainability and success of these digital initiatives over the long term. 


You can get more funding upon completion of digital adoption plan with Vumetric, CDAP digital advisor! 

  • You can access a zero-interest loan of up to $100,000 from the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) to put your digital plan into action. 
  • you can receive up to $7,300 to employ a talented young individual to help deploy the technologies that will drive your business forward. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about CDAP and Vumetric’s Services 

Q1: How long does it take to get approved by CDAP?

  • A1: On average, most of our clients receive CDAP approval within 72 hours. This timeframe can vary, but a quick turnaround is common.

Q2: Do you have any clients that were approved?

  • A2: Yes, we’ve successfully helped a diverse range of clients across various industries, such as SaaS and Insurance, in receiving CDAP approval.

Q3: When is the funding sent?

  • A3: Funding is disbursed post-completion of your cybersecurity project. To receive it, upload your project invoice on the ISED website. Typically, it’s received within 30 days of invoice submission.

Q4: Can Vumetric apply on our behalf?

  • A4: The application must be submitted by an approved company director. However, Vumetric, as your CDAP digital advisor, can provide extensive assistance throughout the application process.

Q5: Can I use the funding to purchase a new security tool, like a Firewall?

  • A5: The CDAP grant covers professional services only, so it can be used for consultancy but not for purchasing hardware or software tools like firewalls.

Q6: Are there any fees to apply to or receive the grant?

  • A6: There are no fees for applying or receiving the CDAP grant. The process is completely free, with no hidden costs.

Q7: How long will the CDAP program run? Is there a deadline for applications?

  • A7: The Canada Digital Adoption Program will run for four years, accepting applications until 2025.

Q8: How does CDAP support businesses that have little to no technical expertise?

  • A8: Vumetric assists businesses with limited technical expertise in the initial setup of digital technologies and provides ongoing support to ensure effective utilization and long-term benefits.
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