Cybersecurity Statistics

Discover the latest trends and statistics in cybersecurity.
Phishing Test

More than half of web application vulnerabilities are classified as high or critical in terms of severity

Source: PT Security

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source code review
CyberattackSQL Injection

2/3 of all web applications attacks include SQL injection

Source: Akamai

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web application penetration testing

84% of observed vulnerabilities in web applications were security misconfigurations

Source: PT Security

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Web Cybersecurity Statistics

2019 saw a 52% increase in attacks on web applications

Source: SonicWall

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Red Teaming Assessment

63% of respondents reported the use of a Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Source: Cyber Edge Group

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Denial of services ddos statistics

20% of companies reported a DDoS attack on their application services on a daily basis

Source: Radware

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Healthcare Cybersecurity Statistics

Two medical clincs, Wood Ranch Medical and Michigan Brookside ENT and Hearing Center, were forced to shut down permanently following a destructive ransomware attack

Source: SPAM Fighter

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Malware statistics

28% of security incidents were attributed to malware

Source Kaspersky

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Cybersecurity cost statistics

45% of organizations hit by a ransomware paid the ransom

Source: Cyber Edge Group

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More than 66% of healthcare organizations experienced a ransomware attack in 2019

Source: VMWare

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Data Statistics

72% of employees consider leaving sensitive data in publicly accessible area the most serious threat to data security

Source: MediaPRO

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Phishing Statistics

32.5% of phishing emails contained “payment” in the e-mail subject

Source: Proof Point

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