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Secure and Strengthen Your Azure Infrastructure with Vumetric’s Azure Penetration Testing. We provide critical insights and solutions to secure your cloud assets against cyber threats, ensuring alignment with industry leading standards. 

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What is Azure Penetration Testing?

Vumetric’s Azure Penetration Testing service is a thorough and expert-led examination of your Azure cloud infrastructure. We look closely at key parts of your Azure system, like network setup, user access, data security, and how well your endpoints are protected. Our team simulates real cyberattack methods to find weak spots and risks. We employ a range of industry-leading penetration testing methodologies like MITRE ATT&CK, OWASP for cloud-hosted apps, OSSTMM for network components, and ISSAF, ensuring a thorough examination of your cloud-based assets. This way, we not only spot problems that exist now but also help you get ready for future security challenges by following the latest best practices. 

Our service stands out because we use both automated scans and manual expert testing. This combination means we catch a wide range of security issues – from common ones to those that are harder to spot. Our team knows Azure inside out, so we give you advice that fits exactly what your organization needs. We test your Azure environment against the Microsoft Azure Security Benchmark v3 and other important standards like NIST and ISO. You get a clear plan from us, showing you what to fix first to make your Azure setup safer and more secure for the long run. 

Identify vulnerabilities, ensure Azure security

Why Should You Perform Azure Penetration Testing?

  • Proliferating Azure Adoption: As Azure becomes increasingly adopted, it’s essential to ensure it remains secure from threats. 
  • Intricacies of Cloud Configurations: Azure environments can become complex, increasing the potential for overlooked vulnerabilities. 
  • Consistent Compliance: Regular assessments ensure adherence to standards like the ASB v3. 
  • Rapidly Evolving Threat Landscape: Modern threats evolve quickly, necessitating updated and thorough security assessments. 
  • Valuable External Perspective: An external audit can shed light on vulnerabilities and gaps that might be missed internally. 
Penetration Testing Report
Detects, analyzes, mitigates Azure security risks

How Does Azure Pentesting Secure Microsoft Azure Environment?

  • Holistic Azure Security Overview: Comprehensive insights into the current security state of your Azure environment. 
  • Defined Path to Remediation: Clear, actionable steps to address identified vulnerabilities. 
  • Protection Against Modern Threats: Augmented defenses against Azure-specific threats and general cyber threats. 
  • Data and Resource Security: Enhanced protections for critical Azure resources and data. 
  • Compliance Assurance: Confidence in alignment with industry benchmarks like the ASB v3. 
Network, IAM, storage, VMs, applications, compliance

What Will be Assessed During an Azure Penetration Test?

  • Network Security (NS): Comprehensive review of Azure virtual networks, DNS security, and mitigation strategies. 
  • Identity Management (IM): In-depth assessment of Azure Active Directory configurations and authentication mechanisms. 
  • Data Protection (DP): Evaluation of data protection at rest, in transit, and associated controls. 
  • Logging and Threat Detection (LT): Analysis of Azure’s threat detection capabilities and audit log settings. 
  • Incident Response (IR): Review of incident response life cycle, leveraging Azure-specific services. 
  • Endpoint Security (ES): Detailed examination of endpoint protection mechanisms within Azure. 
  • Backup and Recovery (BR): Ensuring robust data backup and recovery strategies across Azure services. 

Why Conduct An Azure Penetration Test?

A Microsoft Azure pen test is a critical component of a comprehensive cybersecurity risk management strategy. Here are the key benefits:

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Fortified Azure Security Stance

Elevate the security of your Azure environment.

Minimized Data Breach Risks

Reduction in risks associated with vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Industry Benchmark Compliance.

Assurance in adherence to leading industry benchmark such as NIST, ISO, ASB v3, etc.

Cloud-Centric Expertise

Leverage Vumetric's deep expertise in Azure cloud security.

Holistic Assessment

Benefit from a mix of automated and manual assessment techniques using leading methodologies such as MITRE ATT&CK, OWASP.

Actionable Security Insights

Receive precise, actionable, and prioritized security recommendations.

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What Can Be Tested in the Microsoft Azure Ecosystem?

Azure penetration tests differ from typical pentests. Disruptive types of attacks that may, for example, cause a denial of service (DDoS) are strictly prohibited, as they may cause inconveniences for other Azure users. Our experts have designed a comprehensive methodology to test Azure infrastructures that leave no stones unturned, while limiting any potential impact of our tests. Our Azure security tests target various components specific to Microsoft’s infrastructure:
Azure penetration testing

Microsoft Azure

Office 365

azure penetration testing

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Dynamics 365

azure penetration testing

Visual Studio Team Services

Azure penetration

Microsoft Accounts

Ensure Azure Applications Remain Secure

Azure Security Testing Guidelines​

Microsoft provides a set of guidelines for azure penetration tests to prevent any potential impact on other users. Here are examples of techniques recommended by Microsoft to test the security of Azure infrastructures:

  • Attempt to break out of shared service containers​
  • Test the enforcement of security policies
  • Test security monitoring and detection systems​
  • Create dummy users to test cross-account data access
Certified Pentester

Microsoft Azure Shared Responsibility Model

Understanding your security roles is key in Azure’s environment. You’re always in charge of your data, identities, endpoints, accounts, and access management, no matter the deployment type. Our service offers detailed security checks in these areas, ensuring you effectively manage and safeguard your data and identities, covering both your cloud and on-premises resources. Our evaluations go beyond basic requirements, focusing on critical aspects you manage, tailored to your industry within the Azure platform.

Azure share responsibility

Azure Penetration Testing FAQ

Couldn’t find the information you were looking for? Ask an expert directly.

ASB v3, or the Microsoft Azure Security Benchmark version 3, is a comprehensive set of security guidelines and best practices specifically for Microsoft Azure. It provides detailed recommendations on how to configure and manage Azure services securely. The benchmark covers a wide range of security topics, including network security, identity and access management, data protection, and more, aiming to help Azure users enhance their security posture within the Azure cloud environment. This benchmark is regularly updated to reflect the evolving nature of cloud security and emerging threats.

No, our assessment is carefully planned to ensure there are no interruptions to your Azure services. We use non-invasive testing methods that maintain the integrity and performance of your Azure environment. Our team works in tandem with your IT staff to schedule testing during optimal times, minimizing any potential impact on your daily operations. We prioritize the continuous operation of your services, ensuring that the testing process is seamless and unobtrusive. 

We recommend conducting an Azure security audit at least once a year. This frequency helps in keeping pace with the rapid evolution of cyber threats and the constant updates within the Azure platform. Additionally, if your organization undergoes significant changes, like deploying new applications, major updates, or architectural changes in the Azure environment, it's advisable to schedule additional audits. These regular assessments ensure that your security posture remains strong and adaptive to new challenges. 

Our Azure security assessment is guided primarily by the Microsoft Azure Security Benchmark (ASB) v3, which is a comprehensive set of security guidelines for Azure services. Additionally, we incorporate other globally recognized standards and frameworks, such as NIST, ISO, and CIS benchmarks, ensuring a well-rounded and thorough evaluation of your Azure environment. This multi-standard approach helps in creating a robust security strategy that is not only tailored for Azure but also aligned with international best practices. 

Absolutely! After the completion of the audit, Vumetric provides a detailed report that includes all findings, recommendations, and strategic insights. We don’t just leave you with the report; our team is available to present these findings and discuss them in detail. We encourage questions and provide clarifications, ensuring that your team fully understands each aspect of the report. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and understanding necessary for implementing the recommended security measures effectively. 


Why Choose Vumetric For Azure Penetration Testing?

Vumetric is an ISO9001-certified boutique provider entirely dedicated to pen test, with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Our methodologies are proven and our understanding of cybersecurity risks is extensive, allowing us to provide clear advice to our clients that is pragmatic, adapted to their needs and efficient in securing against any malicious attacker.

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Leading Penetration
testing methodology

Our testing methodologies are based on industry best practices and standards.


Our team of certified penetration testers conducts more than 400 pentest projects annually.

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We provide quality reports with actionable recommendations to fix identified vulnerabilities.

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