Microsoft rolls out passkey auth for personal Microsoft accounts

Microsoft announced that Windows users can now log into their Microsoft consumer accounts using a passkey, allowing users to authenticate using password-less methods such as Windows Hello, FIDO2 security keys, biometric data, or device PINs.

Microsoft “Consumer accounts” refer to personal accounts for accessing Microsoft services and products such as Windows, Office, 365, Outlook, One Drive, Copilot, and Xbox Live.

Microsoft announced the new support for passkeys as part of World Password Day to increase security against phishing attacks, aiming to eliminate passwords altogether in the future.

Microsoft had already added passkey support to Windows for logging into websites and applications, but with the additional support for Microsoft accounts, consumers can now easily log in without entering a password.

One thing to note is that Microsoft syncs your passkeys with your other devices rather than only storing distinct passkeys on each device.

Microsoft says it’s doing this for reasons of convenience, allowing people to maintain access to their accounts when upgrading or losing their devices.

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