Iran’s atomic energy agency confirms hack after stolen data leaked online

The Iranian Atomic Energy Organization has confirmed that one of its subsidiaries’ email servers was hacked after the ”Black Reward’ hacking group published stolen data online.

AEOI says an unauthorized party from a specific foreign country, which is not named, stole emails from the hacked server, which consisted of daily correspondence and technical memos.

The hacker group responsible for the attack calls itself ‘Black Reward’ and has leaked some of the stolen data on their Telegram channel.

The hackers claim to have scrutinized the collection before publication, removing all marketing messages and spam emails and keeping only the valuable content.

The leaked data includes alleged passports and visas of Iranian and Russians working with the agency, power plant status and performance reports, contracts, and technical reports.

The hackers’ message is signed “For women, life, freedom,” giving the email server breach and data leak action the character of hacktivism.

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