CDAP Grant Application Toolkit

Vumetric is one of the unique cybersecurity provider approved by the federal grant. Many of our clients have already claimed and benefited from this funding to conduct a cybersecurity project. This toolkit has been created to facilitate your application, by bundling all the resources and links you need to get started into a single package.

Who Can Apply?

Your company must meet all of the following conditions to be approved to receive the government funding:


Apply for the CDAP 15k Funding With Confidence

This toolkit provides all the necessary resources for your organization to submit an application, prevent mistakes that may slow down the approval process and more – all in one neat package that you can share with relevant stakeholders.

5. Book a Meeting

After submitting your application, book a quick call with a cybersecurity specialist to plan a project.
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6. Claim the 15,000$

Once your project is completed, a CRA-approved director submits the invoice on the grant website to receive the funding.
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Frequently Asked Questions About the CDAP Grant

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the grant to help you gain a better understanding of the process. The questions cover topics such as eligibility criteria, invoicing and payment process, types of approved projects, fees associated with the grant, etc.

What types of cybersecurity projects can be funded by the grant?

The grant funds exclusively professional services. Our CDAP-approved offering provides you with a complete diagnosis of your current cybersecurity posture and offers tailored recommendations to secure mission-critical IT systems from cyberattacks.

Who can apply for a CDAP grant for a cybersecurity project?

Any Canadian company that meets the requirements can apply for the grant to fund a cybersecurity project. (For-profit private company, between 1 – 499 full time employees and has generated at least 500k revenue in one of the last 3 years).

How long does it take to get approved?

Most of our clients received their approval within 72 hours on average. We recommend reading the applicant guide to ensure fast approval.

Can Vumetric apply on the behalf of other organizations?

No, the application has to be submitted by an approved company director with CRA access, the process generally 30 minutes.

How long will it take to receive the grant funding?

After being approved and completing your cybersecurity project, your organization receives the funding within 30 days of submitting the invoice on the government website.

How does the invoicing and payment process work?

You will receive an invoice covering the full cost of the project. A director with CRA access then uploads it on the grant website to claim the funding. The payment of the invoice is the responsibility of your organisation.

Will my organization be required to provide a matching contribution?

No, the CDAP grant does not require a matching contribution from your organization in order to receive funding. However, the program only covers up to 90% of a project.

Are there any fees / engagements to apply for and receive the CDAP grant?

No, there are no fees associated with applying for or receiving the CDAP grant. The funding comes with no additional engagement or strings attached and is 100% free.


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