Cybersecurity for the
Manufacturing Industry

Control risks tied to the integration of technologies in your operations and supply chain with the help of our Cybersecurity services.

Why Cybersecurity is Important for Manufacturers

With the adoption of automated supply chains, otherwise known as the Industry 4.0, the risks and the severity of a cyberattack are growing exponentially. Hackers seek to find any vulnerable entry points in your Internet-facing systems to gain access to other internal systems. This allows them to attack your production line – in some cases even halting the production completely.  This is why it is fundamental to regularly test your industrial systems and internet-facing systems to determine what could happen if hackers targeted them.

“The Norsk Hydro cyberattack cost around $71 million for the manufacturing company, stopping the supply chain entirely for multiple consecutive days.”

Big Data

The manufacturing industry faced 89 large data breaches in 2019

Scada Penetration Testing

Supply chain cyberattacks increased by 78% in 2019

How Vumetric Helps Manufacturing & Industrial Companies

Our services have helped improve the cybersecurity of all types of manufacturing companies. Whether it’s for water treatment systems or furniture manufacturers. Here’s how we helped:
Azure Penetration Testing Process

We help you prevent damaging cyberattacks

With the help of a penetration test, we simulate a real hacking scenario to identify your vulnerabilities and to provide evidence of what hackers could accomplish.

We help you fix your vulnerabilities

We prioritize your vulnerabilities based on their risk level and provide recommendations supported by external references to help you fix them.

ICS / SCADA Penetration Testing

We audit your supply chain's cybersecurity

We assess the cybersecurity of your industrial systems and networks to validate if they are properly segmented and determine how they could be compromised.

Pentest Report Presentation

We support your IT security operations

We help you develop a cybersecurity roadmap with measures that deliver a return on your investment according to the efforts required vs. their improvement.

Want to know how we could help your company?

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Resources For The Manufacturing Industry

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Questions to Assess Your Cybersecurity

Blue Shield

Challenges faced by the Manufacturing industry

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