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More than 400 organizations received a quote from us last year

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The external network is the part of your organization that is accessible from the internet. This includes cloud-based assets such as web servers, email servers, and VPN gateways. Our external network penetration testing service simulates real-world attacks by attempting to breach your organization from the public internet, to identify vulnerabilities and protect your organization from the most damaging and common type of threats.

Internal infrastructure refers to the network and systems within your organization that support your operations. These typically include on-premise or private cloud assets, such as file servers, databases, workstations, and internal applications. During an internal infrastructure test, we aim to assess your organization's vulnerability to insider attacks or external attackers who have gained access, by identifying and exploiting weaknesses in your internal network and systems.

Web applications are the primary interface between your organization and its customers, often containing sensitive data and critical functionality. These applications can be hosted on-premises or in cloud environments (AWS, Azure), including web servers, APIs, and other interactive components. Our Web App Pentests aim to identify and mitigate any vulnerabilities currently present in both the app and hosting infrastructure by simulating a real-world attack scenario based on manual techniques to strengthen its overall security posture.

Mobile applications are crucial touchpoints for user interaction and business functionality. These apps often handle sensitive user data and critical processes. In a Mobile Application Penetration Test, we focus on assessing the security of your mobile apps, identifying complex vulnerabilities that would be used to breach your cybersecurity. By analyzing various security measures, such as app components and data handling practices, we provide detailed solutions to improve your app's security posture and ensure a secure user experience.

API security testing focuses on the publicly accessible interfaces that drive your business operations. These often include cloud-based services (AWS, Azure) and may encompass web applications, data exchanges, and other communication systems. Our API security testing aims to protect your organization from modern threats by assessing the security of APIs, including the validation of authentication mechanisms such as OAuth, Authy, JSON Web Tokens, and more, to ensure robust defense against potential cyberattacks.

Cloud Penetration Testing is a type of security assessment that evaluates the security of cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and services. This includes assets hosted on cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Our Cloud Pentests evaluates your environment from an attacker's perspective, identifying and exploiting any vulnerabilities that could be used to breach your infrastructure.

Phishing Simulation Assessments target your organization's human element by testing employee awareness and responsiveness to simulated phishing attacks. Our Phishing Tests assess your employees' ability to recognize and handle deceptive emails and other communication methods, strengthening your organization's overall defense against social engineering threats.

As a provider 100% dedicated to delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity assessments, our expertise is adapted to your specific security needs:

  • Medical Device Penetration Testing
  • Smart IoT Device Penetration Testing
  • Mainframe Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Network Penetration Testing
  • SCADA / ICS Penetration Testing
  • Thick Client Penetration Testing
  • Application Source Code Review
  • Red / Purple Teaming Simulation
  • Ransomware Readiness Audit
  • Remote Work Security Audit

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Vumetric's Pentest Services help secure companies of all sizes, across all industries:


What is the Cost of a Penetration Test?

Multiple factors are used to determine the cost of a penetration testing project, but the two main variables are the type of pentest and the size of the scope. Although our minimum engagements start at $5,000, the average project generally varies between $15,000 and $25,000, but can go much higher in some instances (multiple applications, various physical locations, etc.). In any case, our experts will work with you to find the best solution that suits your budget while meeting your security objectives.

Penetration Testing Services Tailored To Your Needs

As a provider entirely dedicated to pentesting, our offering is diversified and adapted to your objectives:

Based on Industry-Leading Standards

Our team leverages the most recognized testing methodologies and security standards in the industry to help your organization allocate vulnerability remediation efforts to your most important risks of being breached by modern hackers.

Méthodologie du NIST
ISSAF Methodology

Vumetric, Industry Leader in Penetration Testing

Vumetric is a leading boutique provider entirely dedicated to providing top-quality penetration testing services for the past 15 years. We pride ourselves on delivering consistent and high-quality services, backed by our ISO9001 certified processes and industry standards. Our world-class cybersecurity assessment services have earned the trust of customers of all sizes, including Fortune 1000 companies, SMBs, and governments.

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Empowering Your Cybersecurity, Our Mission

Our ISO9001-certified cybersecurity services are trusted by more than 400 organizations each year, including SMBs, Fortune 1000 companies, and government agencies.

CERT Accredited Cybersecurity Company

Why Organizations Trust Vumetric's Penetration Testing Expertise

Our methodologies are proven and our understanding of cybersecurity risks is extensive, allowing us to provide clear advice to our clients that is pragmatic, adapted to their needs and efficient in securing against the latest security threats.

Our consultants have extensive
real-world experience and hold the most recognized certifications in the industry (OSCP, OSWE, GWAPT, GPEN, OSEP, CISA, CCSE, CCSA, CISM, CISSP, etc.)

All our projects are executed internally by our team of highly-vetted specialists to ensure the consistency of the quality of our deliverables and the confidentiality of your information.

Unlike many competitors, we do not resell hardware or software solutions. This ensures that our recommendations are focused on your organization’s real cybersecurity needs.

Our testing methodologies are based on known best practices and key technological standards in the industry (OSSTMM, OWASP, NIST, CVE, CVSS, STIX, CAPEC, etc).

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More than 400 organizations received a quote from us last year

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