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VMware Spring Cloud Java bug gives instant remote code execution – update now!

VMWare Spring is a open-source Java toolkit for building powerful Java apps, including cloud-based apps, without needing to write, manage, worry about, or even understand the “Server” part of the process yourself.

You don’t need to worry about, or even care, what sort of server your code is running on: it could be a server of your own, set up and managed by your colleagues in IT; or a cloud instance hosted and executing on a popular cloud service provider.

Part of the Spring ecosystem is a set of components called Spring Cloud by wich you can hook Spring code straight into well-known cloud services from Alibaba, Amazon, Azure, Netflix and many more.

There’s a subcomponent in Spring Cloud called Spring Cloud Function that lets you do so-called so-called “Functional” serveless programming, where you write the Java functions that get called when specific web requests come in, without worrying how the surrounding Spring system figured out that your function was the right one to call.

Then the source code in that header gets executed on the server, right inside the Spring Cloud server world.

Proof-of-concept code is already readily available on the internet showing how to inject unauthorised Java code into inbound Spring Cloud Function requests, and how to use that code to run an unwanted program.

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