Twitter takes down source code leaked online, hunts for downloaders

Twitter has taken down internal source code for its platform and tools that was leaked on GitHub for months.

On Friday, GitHub complied with a DMCA infringement notice issued by Twitter because the leak exposed proprietary source code and internal tools, which could pose a security risk to Twitter.

As a solution for the copyright infringement, Twitter indicated that GitHub should provide info about the access history for the leak, likely to determine who downloaded or copied the code.

Twitter is now attempting to use a subpoena to force GitHub to provide identifying information regarding the FreeSpeechEnthusiasm user and anyone who accessed and distributed the leaked Twitter source code, which would be used for further legal action.

The leak could have repercussions for Twitter as the code may be scrutinized to find potentially exploitable vulnerabilities.

On March 31 Twitter is expected to open source the code used for recommending tweets, according to a message on the platform from Musk.

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