Twitter data dump: 200m+ account database now free to download

More than 200 million Twitter users’ information is now available for anyone to download for free.

This latest data dump, which includes account names, handles, creation dates, follower counts, and email addresses, turns out to the be same – albeit cleaned up – leak reported last month that affected more than 400 million Twitter accounts, according to Privacy Affairs’ security researchers, who verified the database that’s now posted on a breach forum.

Some of the well-known people and organizations included in the new 63GB database leak include Donald Trump Jr., Google CEO Sundar Pichai, SpaceX, the US National Basketball Association, CBS Media and the World Health Organization, according to Zoltan’s blog post about the breach.

No word on whether the Christmas day hack of British education secretary Gillian Keegan’s Twitter account is related.

While the leaked data does not include users’ phone numbers, physical addresses or passwords, it still poses a risk to the exposed account owners, Zoltan said.

The leaked email addresses linked to Twitter accounts can be combined with other publicly available information to determine users’ real-life identity and locations.

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