To encrypt or to destroy? Ransomware affiliates plan to try the latter

Ransomware gangs are planning on trying out a new tactic, and it involves the destruction of the victims’ data.

“There is no mechanism for removing files from the corruption queue, meaning that some files may be overwritten numerous times before the program terminates, while others may never have been selected,” he explained.

Why are ransomware gangs thinking about destroying victims’ data?

First there was the so-called police ransomware, which often did not encrypt files on the infected device but just blocked its screen and asked for money to be paid to the “Police.”

“Creating stable, robust ransomware is a far more development-intensive process than creating malware designed to corrupt the files instead, renting a large server to receive exfiltrated files and returning them upon payment,” he noted.

The files can’t be restored or decrypted due to exploitable flaws in the ransomware.

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