Microsoft: June Windows Server updates may cause backup issues

Microsoft says that some applications might fail to backup data using Volume Shadow Copy Service after applying the June 2022 Patch Tuesday Windows updates.

“After you install the June 14, 2022 or a later Windows update, operations related to shadow copies on an Application Server running VSS aware Server Applications that store data on remote SMB 3.0 or later file shares may fail for SMB shares hosted on a File Server,” Microsoft explains.

On systems where this known issue is experienced, Windows backup applications may receive E ACCESSDENIED errors during shadow copy creation operations and a “FileShareShadowCopyAgent Event 1013” will be logged on the File Server.

To resolve the issue, install Windows updates released on June 14 and later on both the Application Server and the File Server.

“The application server runs the Volume Shadow Copy Service-aware application that stores data on the remote Server Message Block 3.0 shares on a file server,” Microsoft added.

“The file server hosts the file shares. If you don’t install the update on both machine roles, backup operations carried out by applications, which previously worked, might fail.”

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