Microsoft Azure Update Manager Now Generally Available

Microsoft has unveiled Azure Update Manager, a SaaS tool tailored for enterprise clients to simplify the software update management process across different platforms. This tool represents an enhancement over the previous Azure Automation Update management solution. It empowers IT professionals to oversee software updates on Windows and Linux systems across Azure, on-premises, and multi-cloud settings.

Azure Update Manager offers a suite of functionalities to IT administrators, enabling them to monitor the update compliance of their machines, whether they’re based in Azure, on-premises, or other cloud infrastructures. Critical updates can be immediately deployed, ensuring systems remain secure. The tool also provides the capability to manage extended security updates for Azure Arc-enabled virtual machines. Furthermore, administrators have the option to schedule regular patching, determining specific time frames for the rollout of updates and system reboots.

In addition to these features, Azure Update Manager introduces flexible patching alternatives, including hot patching and automatic VM guest patching within Azure. The service has the ability to autonomously monitor client devices for any pending updates on a daily basis. Machines that don’t adhere to compliance standards can be easily flagged. Rounding out its capabilities, the tool supports the generation of custom reports and offers detailed access management to Azure resources.

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