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ESET uncovers vulnerabilities in Lenovo laptops

Got a Lenovo laptop? You might need to do a swift bit of patching judging by the latest set of vulnerabilities uncovered by security researchers at ESET. Three vulnerabilities were reported today: CVE-2021-3970, CVE-2021-3971, and CVE-2021-3972.

“UEFI threats can be extremely stealthy and dangerous,” said ESET researcher Martin Smolár, who discovered the vulnerabilities.

Lenovo’s advisory describes CVE-2021-3970 as a “Potential vulnerability in Lenovo Variable SMI Handler due to insufficient validation in some Lenovo Notebook models [that] may allow an attacker with local access and elevated privileges to execute arbitrary code.”

ESET reported the latest vulnerabilities to Lenovo in October last year, and says the list of affected devices numbers more than a hundred models with millions of users worldwide.

According to ESET, Lenovo confirmed the vulnerabilities on November 17 2021, and the CVEs were assigned.

The Register contacted Lenovo for comment beyond its advisory, but the company has yet to respond.

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