DoppelPaymer ransomware suspects cuffed, alleged ringleaders escape

German and Ukrainian cops have arrested suspected members of the DoppelPaymer ransomware crew and issued warrants for three other “Masterminds” behind the global operation that extorted tens of millions of dollars and may have led to the death of a hospital patient.

In simultaneous actions on February 28, German police arrested a local suspect the cops say “Played a major role” in the ransomware gang and seized equipment from the suspect’s home.

The cops issued arrest warrants for three “Suspected masterminds” behind the Russian-connected ransomware gang.

DoppelPaymer has been around since 2019, when criminals first started using the ransomware to attack critical infrastructure, health-care facilities, school districts and governments.

It’s based on BitPaymer ransomware and is part of the Dridex malware family, but with some interesting adaptations.

According to Europol, DoppelPaymer ransomware used a unique evasion tool to shut down security-related processes of the attacked systems, and these attacks also relied on the prolific Emotet botnet.

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