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Atlassian fixes critical Jira authentication bypass vulnerability

Atlassian has published a security advisory to alert that its Jira and Jira Service Management products are affected by a critical authentication bypass vulnerability in Seraph, the company’s web application security framework.

Seraph is used in Jira and Confluence for handling all login and logout requests via a system of pluggable core elements.

Although the vulnerability is in the core of Jira, it affects first and third-party apps that specify “Roles required” at the “Webwork1” action namespace level and do not specify it at an “Action” level.

The two bundled apps affected by the flaw are “Insight – Asset Management” and “Mobile Plugin” for Jira.

If no impacted apps are used in Jira, then the severity of the vulnerability drops down to medium.

As for the Jira Service Management, the fixed versions are 4.13.x >= 4.13.18, 4.20.x >= 4.20.6, and 4.22.0 and later.

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