AMD targeted by RansomHouse, claim to have ‘450Gb’ in stolen data

If claims hold true, AMD has been targeted by the extortion group RansomHouse, which says it is sitting on a trove of data stolen from the processor designer following an alleged security breach earlier this year.

The data was stolen from AMD in January, according to the group.

Cybersecurity bod Catalin Cimpanu on Twitter noted RansomHouse’s claim of not deploying ransomware and wrote that “This might be a failed attack where someone is trying to monetize some stolen data. looks like someone who buys hacked data to extort companies instead.”.

Cimpanu also suggested that the data “Could be from an AMD partner, but RansomHouse might be trying to pass it as AMD’s for more catchy media coverage. These groups often use this tactic to add pressure on a victim’s upstream contractors. See REvil’s Quanta incident, where they claimed it was Apple.”

“The researchers wrote that RansomHouse enters networks by exploiting vulnerabilities to steal data and coerces victims to pay up, lest their data is sold to the highest bidder. And if no criminal is interested in buying the data, the group leaks it on their leak site.”

“While experts believe that RansomHouse is not going to become a very successful gang in the near future, the launch of a new data exfiltration portal should be taken seriously,” the Cyware researchers wrote.

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