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Canada is a global leader in the way of cyber security with its innovative Cyber Security Cooperation Program (CSCP). The goal of Cybersecurity Grant Canada is the partnership between federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal governments and industry stakeholders will be to protect Canadians from online threats and provide them with tools to thrive during any digital age challenges ahead.

Cybersecurity grant Canada

CyberSecure Canada is a federal certification program that aims to raise the cyber security baseline among SMEs in Canada and increase consumer confidence across all industries and governments internationally.

The mark gives certified individuals recognition by their employer for demonstrating compliance with these controls; it’s like having an accreditation seal from OCLC.

CSCP Overview

The Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness can now invite proposals to strengthen the country’s awareness by improving security in the digital age. Projects supported under this grant program can contribute positively towards safety and economic stability, which is needed now more than ever.

The next phase of cyber security innovation network

Canada has a shortage of cyber security specialists, and the CSIN is working to address this issue by encouraging partnerships between academia, industry (including growing startups), not-for-profit sectors, and other levels of government across Canada.

The Network plans on enhancing research capabilities through increased funding for commercialization programs which will help bring new cybersecurity technologies into fruition while also developing skilled talent that can work in both public & private sector positions.

In addition to nurturing talent, the CSIN aims to improve public education and awareness about cyber threats. We can better protect ourselves from cyber-attacks by increasing knowledge about best practices for online safety and coordination and information sharing between organizations.

Program objectives

The new Canadian Cyber Security Network will be an innovative way for Canada’s post-secondary institutions, private sector, and other partners to collaborate on research into cyber security products.

The Network seeks innovation and talent recruitment by providing more resources for curriculum development and training programs in collaboration with industry partners.

Members joining the Network will access exclusive funding opportunities for research and development and networking events that bring together industry professionals.

The Network also aims to enhance Canada’s global presence in the cyber security field by promoting partnerships with international organizations and participating in global conferences and events.


To be eligible under Cyber Security Innovation Network program, an applicant must meet all of the following criteria in their proposal:

  • They should have three or more Canadian centers recognized for cybersecurity expertise and associated growth ecosystems affiliated with post-secondary institutions.
  • A “center” is any organization aligned toward supporting innovation within this field, including profit companies and non-profit organizations like charities.; It does not need to incorporate at-time application but must be demonstrated in the proposal.
  • They should have a plan for creating or enhancing a national and global network of stakeholders, including industry, government, and academia, to support and advance cyber security innovation in Canada.
  • Their proposed project must be focused on advancing Canadian leadership in the field through innovation.
  • They must demonstrate how their support projects will address specific needs within the cyber security industry.
  • They must have a realistic budget and implementation plan.
  • And finally, they must demonstrate collaboration across at least three provinces or territories in Canada.

Selection criteria

Lead recipient organizations will issue periodic calls for proposals that pertain to the targeted activities outlined above. Applicants must implement an assessment framework and provide details about their plans, including timelines or criteria by which they plan on selecting network projects.

These selections should be made through open processes with fair outcomes to ensure each project meets high standards of merit-based reviews while providing meaningful contributions towards achieving goals within our ecosystem as defined here.

Eligible costs

A network’s leadership team incurs eligible administrative and operating expenses. The lead recipient is eligible for up to 50% of their total costs, except when they are in academic institutions. In that case, the contribution provided may cover 100%.

This supports its mission statement, specifically those responsible for running daily operations in alignment with what was asked and agreed upon at the onset (i.e., program planning).

Project costs

Eligible project costs relate to the activities undertaken by ultimate recipients of a Cyber Security Innovation Network. Such expenses could include:

Recruiting and retaining faculty, graduate students, post-doctoral candidates, And administrative staff directly involved in research up to 20% may be used for equipment and infrastructure necessary towards these goals.

Cyber security industry plan

ISED is looking for an organized and resilient organization that can protect itself from cyber threats. The Canadian Cyber Security Tool (CCST) was developed in collaboration with Public Safety minister Raves on an international level with Communications Security Establishment Canada(CSE).

This now provides insight into one’s security posture through assessment tests designed by CCSI, which will help them identify potential vulnerabilities before they become significant issues.

The upcoming cyber security standard 

The Cyber Secure Canada certification program has been adopted as a national standard by the Standards Council of Canada. The new guidelines are expected before the end of 2022.

They will be simple to follow with affordable prices, so they may help many companies across industries improve their cybersecurity practices in line with recommended best practices from third-party experts who have already successfully implemented such programs within various sectors throughout the country.

Submission process

The lead applicant will be responsible for applying and is expected to act as a point of contact during ISED’s review process. Applicants from not-for-profit organizations or individuals may also take on this role.

But municipal governments cannot submit an incomplete proposal themselves; they need another participant (i.e., a partner) who knows their capabilities to fill out certain parts appropriately before sending it off.

Eligible expenditures

The government identifies eligible recipients to receive funds that can be used only for necessary expenses. Eligible expenditures include salaries, wages, stipends, and consultancy fees; audit costs are also allowed if the recipient incurs them concerning their project activities.

There are some restrictions on what you spend your money on; make sure it falls within these guidelines before signing up.

CSCP Funding streams

Systems that are secure and resilient in the Canadian environment should be able to withstand a cyber attack by exploring different applications for these technologies.

Applicants can explore how IoT devices, such as industrial control systems or critical infrastructure components, would benefit from having better security measures installed, so they do not become vulnerable targets when hackers look outside traditional sources of information about their target’s vulnerabilities.

Which could lead to dangerous consequences like power outages due to technical failures caused because there wasn’t enough automation built in beforehand.

The emerging technologies of a secure and resilient industrial control system in Canada should also be able to resist natural disasters, like floods or fires, by having backup systems that can quickly restore operations in case of damage to the primary Network.


If you’re a Canadian company, it’s worth checking out the Cyber Security Innovation Network (CSIN) website for more information on how to apply for the Cybersecurity Grant. The next phase of CSIN is about cooperation, so ensure your business is ready to step up its cyber security game and protect itself from online threats.

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